Sunday Worship - Sunday 24th May

Good Morning! Welcome to this mornings Church service.

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Below the video you will find a message from our minister Rev Christine Fox.

God Bless x

Message - Rev Christine Fox

Peter’s letter to the scattered Christians closes with words of encouragement, but also realism. Life is difficult! Don’t be surprised when suffering comes along.

The suffering he was talking about was specifically related to being persecuted because of being followers of Christ, but whenever people suffer for no fault of their own, it is the way they respond that reveals their inner strength, or the lack of it! And when we are tested and do manage to overcome, and we acknowledge that this inner strength comes from Christ within, then his glory is revealed.

The book of Acts begins with the disciples gathered around the resurrected Christ, asking him if he was going to reveal his glory by political triumph. He turns it back to them. When they receive his Holy Spirit they will be the ones to reveal the glory of God in the world. He ascends to heaven, having handed over the mantle to them – to us!

…‘you will be my witnesses… to the ends of the earth’.

The hope is in the potential ‘acts’ of the Spirit within and through human beings.

If you’ve been inspired by now, with those words of Peter and Jesus, to start to think how you can stop being immobilised by this pandemic and get witnessing, then you’re in good company with John Wesley and the other Oxford ‘Methodists’ who wanted to do something worthwhile for God. He hoped to go and preach to the Native Americans but ended up being pastor to settlers in the new colony of Georgia who were largely unresponsive to him.

But during a fierce storm on the ship out, John had seen that some Moravian Christians on the ship were unafraid of death, and were still able to sing praises to God. He was intrigued at their inner strength, and not long after his return to England, on the 24th May 1738 John went to a meeting of Moravians in Aldersgate street London, and listening to Luther’s preface to the book of Romans he felt his heart ‘strangely warmed’ -