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Kids' Church and Creche

Alongside our 10am service we run Kids' Church and a Creche. Most weeks we will start all together in church for some songs, a bit of a story and some prayer. Then the kids and their leaders will leave for their own sessions.

Creche is a chilled out environment for ages 0-4. We're happy for a parent to stay out with their little ones, but don't worry you'll get a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, and will be able to hear the service through speakers in the creche. 

Kids' Church is for children aged 4+. We always start by worshipping together with a variety of kids/adults worship songs. We have a story and then we explore that story through arts and crafts, games, drama and more. We always finish our sessions with some sort of prayer activity. Sometimes it's writing; sometimes it's speaking out loud; sometimes it's sitting quietly. We believe it's really important for our kids to learn about God, the Bible, prayer and how all of that affects them! We also believe that children and families are an integral and important part of the life of our church.

For our Youth that are year 7+ find out more here.

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