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May Messy Church at Home!

Welcome to Messy Church at Home! We're really sad that we still cannot be together, but we have some fun things instore for you today! If you come to messy church all the time or you've never been before, come along and get involved, watch the videos and worship with us online!

Our theme for today is loving our world and thinking about supporting a charity we've supported before, Christian Aid.

Let's start with a story!

Some of our older kids might want to watch this video too from Christian Aid. Thinking about how Rose's story affects us, especially when thinking about the story Jesus tells about the good samaritan.

Now for some craft!

Or for more inspiration look at our pinterest board! Send us a picture of your finished craft!

And here's a challenge to get you active!

To donate to Christian Aid through our appeal click on this link here -

And most importantly - share it with your friends!!!

To finish our Messy at home celebration, why not sing along to one of these songs!

Join with Michael and Jessica to sing - Shine

Or Doug Horley for - Help me be your eyes Lord Jesus. Or BOTH!

God bless you and we hope to see you soon!

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