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Holy Week Reflections - Day 6

Immersed in death

Jesus is crucified; he is dead. He is taken down from the cross. Based on Luke 23.44-56

Look Jesus is dead. Joseph of Arimathea is ready to wrap him in a linen cloth. Mary and John are crying. You can see the wounds on Jesus’ feet and hands and side.

Reflect Darkness has come on all the land: darkness in our hearts, in our minds. Jesus is dead: we do not understand – he is dead. How do you feel? How do you want to react?

Pray for people who are threatened with death as punishment; for those who care for the sick and dying; for those who organise and lead funeral services, and care for the bereaved. Give thanks for God’s love for us.

Our holy week reflection comes from ROOTS - © ROOTS for Churches Ltd Weekly worship and learning resources at

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