Websites and Live Streaming from Martin Sykes

Websites have been a lifeline for many of us...

During Covid 19, many any of us have found we’ve been using the internet more than we ever have done in their lives before.

Ordering food online, worshipping, meeting friends and families, joining meetings be they for church, business or organization’s we belong and Quiz’s of course.

We will be forever indebted to Jessica, who, long before Covid 19 entered our world and vocabulary, completely rebuilt, and redesigned our Church Website, which means she is our Webmaster.

She is the one who keeps everything on the Website current, fresh, UpToDate and informative and of course it has the Blog that carries articles from you and also worship information and services and so much more.

Our website has never been viewed and used so much.

Many other churches in our circuit also have websites that carry a varying degree of information relevant to their churches.

We do also have a Circuit website, that Jono Graham (among so many other things) is with Colin Firbank (Local Preacher) the joint circuit Webmasters.