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Thoughts from Sover Wong

I’ve read today that some people are cursing Christians for our believes that God would help us, and they asked why don’t God step in to stop this pandemic. I have also read that the stock market has taken a tumble, a correction or reset.

God has never promised us a bed of roses. In fact, Jesus promised us sufferings from verbal abuse to hunger. However, He promised us blessings - Matthew 5:3-10. It’s very hard at times of trials and sufferings to believe Him, but I have had several major traumas in my life - bereavement, breakdowns and separation. A few of you have even saw me broke down in tears while singing in church. During my sufferings, some of my prayers were not answered, and I was heart broken. However, it was only later I realised why they were not answered, and went the opposite way to my wishes. I have learned to trust God, as He can see further and wider than I can. I hope my testimony can be of some comfort to you.

As Christians, I am sure it’s now time for us to reset ourselves both in our faith and how we treat people. Previously some lowly paid workers were treated as of little value, and now they are recognised as core workers, including foreigners.

Like the virus, God does not distinguish race, wealth, or borders. He loves us all no matter who we are, where we live, rich or poor, black or white. We have a God greater than the virus, and if He calls me home now, then I would obediently accept because I know He will be 100 meters outside Heaven’s gate waiting for me.


Take care,


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1 comentário

26 de mar. de 2020

Beautifully said Sover. One from the heart. God bless

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