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Thoughts from Buntie Alton

I know that we are all living in difficult and frightening times and everyone needs comfort and support as we listen or watch the ever depressing news each evening, but also, I think we need something to buoy our spirits and take us on an imaginary journey.

My daughter Nina and her then boy friend Charlie- now husband- went on a trip to Shanghai and back in a Toyota Land Cruiser in 2009 which took one year, one month and one day! They called their website No Job will Travel where can read all about it.

An almost daily blog and hundreds of great pics. For statisticians, travellers and photographers at Grangewood, this should keep you occupied for hours.

And a thought for all the dog loving friends out there...

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1 Comment

Gill Watts
Gill Watts
Mar 26, 2020

Thanks Bunty, I love the picture and caption at the bottom.

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