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The Stay at Home Blog

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Good Morning friends!

I am sure you have been keeping up with the latest news on Covid-19. We are in difficult and unprecedented times, and I am sure many of us are worried about what the next few weeks and even months may look like.

Going to church is such an integral and important part of many of our lives that the thought of going without is very upsetting. Here is where we find the difference between going to church and being a church. We are very fortunate in this electronic age to be able to keep in contact even behind closed doors, and we are encouraging you to do just that over this time of staying at home.

So please call and text each other, FaceTime or Skype if you know how! And follow this blog as we go through this journey together.

We would like to use this blog to stay together, so if you feel like you have a story to tell, or something interesting to share, let me know! I am asking for stories, perhaps you want to tell us about your latest or favourite holiday, perhaps you would like to tell us about jobs you have previously done, places you've previously lived. Maybe you would like to share a poem you have written, or that you really love, a review of a film or book. This blog can be a place for us to share with each other and everyone's voice is welcome.

Each Sunday we will endeavour to bring you some sort of worship, whether it's a written sermon, some prayers and readings or some sung worship through video.

If you would like to write a piece for this blog please send it as a word document with pictures if possible to:

If you would like to be involved in putting some material together for our Sunday Worship blogs then please also contact Jessica.

Through all this know that you are loved, and that God is with you.

Every Blessing

Jessica x

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