Sunday Worship - Sunday 7th March

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Worship today is led by Rev Christine Fox

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Rev Christine Fox:

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Message - Rev Christine Fox

After years of wandering, the people of God had something concrete to hold onto. First God’s law – ten rules for them to live by – written in stone – there for all to see – ‘No other Gods, no idols, no misusing God’s name. Keep the Sabbath holy, honour your parents. No murder, no adultery, no stealing, no lies about others, and no desiring someone else’s wife or possessions’. Good solid guidelines for a healthy society. And next they had the temple – built in stone, centre of religious life. Both of these were materially important in the Jewish faith.

And then Jesus came along, often appearing to hold the law lightly, and now it seemed he was even encouraging them to tear down the stones of the temple. No wonder the disciples didn’t understand! With hindsight though both they and we can see that Jesus didn’t come to destroy either the law or the temple building, but he just wanted them to sit up and see that neither of these were to be the foundation of faith.