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Sunday Worship - Sunday 6th December

Good Morning! Welcome to this mornings service.

Worship today is led by Margaret Jackaman and Andrew Davies

Click below on the red play button to start the video. You can also find the service on YouTube here if it isn’t working on the blog.

God Bless x

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Rev Christine Fox:

Children's and Family worker - Jessica Bullett:

Thank you to all those who have been part of putting together this weeks service.

Message - Andrew Davies

How good are you at watching?

When watching anything do you find yourself resting your eyes?

One student watching an English lecture found himself resting his eyes and the microphone was on so the Lecturer heard!! One group of my students - around 15 years ago put their Mathematics into practice during one lecture and presented me with a tally chart of how many times I had said o.k. during the lecture (from interest was 45 times in an hour!).

God’s Servants said Watch:- Watch for His Presence. God was with His people where ever they were and in every situation - do we recognise His presence with us today? Sometimes the people of God didn’t but rather sat down and felt forgotten. I am certain that never true of those from Grangewood!! He is Immanuel He is with us.

Watch for His Guidance and His will in their lives. Yet often they were blind to His guidance and debated which way was the best way to go. Namaan was shown God’s will by his servant girl and led to God’s servant’s house. He only found healing when he was willing to following the guidance given - wasn’t immediately.!! How do we respond as we are guided by God and shown His will - do we follow or debate hoping an alternative might come - or sit down and feel sorry for ourselves?

Watch for the Coming of the Messiah. People were watching and preparing themselves. The Word which came through God’s servants in the Old Testament be ready and watch. The wise men and the shepherds were watching. The shepherds were watching and indeed saw and heard the Angels. The Wise Men had been studying and saw this new star. As they Watched they responded and set off to see what this was about. The place they were led to wasn’t where they expected nor what they expected but still they arrived and found themselves drawn to Worship. Many will see pictures of the Nativity over the coming weeks - what will they see, who will they see in the crib? Indeed will they see the Messiah, Friend like no other and their Saviour? Will we continue to point to Him and tell others about who He is?

Watch for the Coming of the Kingdom and the return of Jesus. I do commend the hymn from M.H.B. Thy Kingdom on bended knee The passing ages pray And faithful souls have longed to see On earth that kingdom’s day. Yes we are called to prepare ourselves and watch for the coming of God’s Kingdom and the Return of Jesus. But sometimes as God’s people have Watched with expectation they forgot that they had a role to play as well, in that they were called to ready themselves, reflect God’s Love and also speak to others of God’s Kingdom and Jesus’ return.

Think of the Church in Thessalonica. Do we? I did behave myself and didn’t choose ‘Hark tis the watchman’s cry’! However again I do commend it to you for it speaks not just of Watching but also speaks of what we need to do as we watch.

May we not be as the lad during that English lecture as we Watch may we be alert prepare and tell others so that others may benefit as well.

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