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Sunday Worship - Sunday 15th November

Good Morning! Welcome to this mornings All together Worship Service.

Worship today is led by Jessica Bullett and Rev Christine Fox.

Click below on the red play button to start the video. You can also find the service on YouTube here if it isn’t working on the blog.

God Bless x

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Rev Christine Fox:

Children's and Family worker - Jessica Bullett:

Another Puppet video for you!

Thank you to all those who have been part of putting together this weeks service.

Message - Rev Stuart Bell

What are you afraid of?

Many people know that story of three servants being entrusted with their master’s wealth – we’ve called it ‘the parable of the talents’ because we’ve seen how it connects with us using, not only the physical things we have been given, but also the talents we have. But this time when I read the story I noticed the third servant who didn’t use the gold but buried it – that when questioned as to ‘why?’ he said that it was because he was afraid.

What are you like when you’re afraid? Some of you might find yourself rooted to the spot, either literally freezing, or your brain seizes up, when faced with a new challenge or threat to your way of life. We have ample opportunity for facing new things in these uncertain times! So we might feel some sympathy for this servant. Maybe he thought – I have so little I can’t risk doing anything with it. I wonder have you ever thought that, of what you have. I f you’ve not been encouraged sufficiently in using your gifts, in using even the small shoots of a talent , then you won’t have grown in confidence in using it.

We also heard some words from a letter written to the Thessalonians who were facing difficult times. But Paul reminds them that they’re children of the light – so they can be prepared with faith and love to encourage and build up each other – not to be dragged down by the darkness but to use whatever means they have to hand, however little, for good.

Think about times you’ve been afraid or unable to face the challenges of the moment. What was it that helped you – what part did the encouragement of others play? What did that encouragement and ‘building up’ look like? Was it given in words or actions?

For each of you it will be something different – for there are so many ways that we can be encouraged and build up. From a listening ear to a significant sum of money; through words of acknowledgment of a way we have helped someone, or though gentle challenge and many, many other ways. And when you have identified the ways that you have been encouraged or built up, helping to take away your fears, then think – ‘Could I do the same for someone else?’

Look again at this well-known story – the Master can’t be God – the giveaway is the master encouraging saving money to get interest which was against the Jewish law – and his outburst and treatment of the servant was not the action of a loving God, rather just how some earthly people in power are. But there is a truth in this story – if you refuse to give in to your fears, and stop hiding or keeping to yourself what you’ve received, then your joy will increase – the benefits will multiply - as you build up one person they are enabled to build up another.

You know how great it feels to be encouraged instead of someone pointing out what you did wrong! What are you afraid of? let me encourage you - You can do this for someone else – your parents or your children, your neighbours and friends, even your enemies – be ready every moment to use what you have been given to encourage and build each other up – for in this way the love of God comes and fills the earth again.


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Thank you all for the excellent service today. I was quite emotional with the first song. Take care and keep well to all.


Thanks to all who took part again today. It was lovely to see the band together, the young people taking part and thanks Christine and Jessica for all you have done together to help us all share today. It is much appreciated . God bless Margaret and Martin

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