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Sunday Worship - 13th June 2021 - Climate Sunday

Welcome to this morning's Worship service.

Worship today is led by Rev Christine Fox (also via Zoom and in church this week)

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Rev Christine Fox: christineamfox@gmail.com

Thank you to all those who have been part of putting together this weeks service.

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‘Greening the Lectionary’.

Today we are celebrating the beginnings of Eco-church journeys – Grangewood and Kingswood both attaining the bronze award. So this is one of the reasons that I chose for our reading to come from Genesis – the book of beginnings. And the beginning of all beginnings of course is creation.

The first chapter of Genesis is a vivid picture of all creation! And it is also a vivid description of the character of the Creator; the Source of all things, here named God, consciously making everything good. It is a story that was built up over hundreds of years, from the scientific reflection of the time on the big question of how things began, that the Israelites engaged in alongside the rest of the ancient near-Eastern nations. You may no