Spring Harvest at Home

Why not have a holiday at Home with own comfortable bed and sofa? – no disrespect to Butlins intended.

To find the rest of the Spring Harvest at Home content head over to YouTube – Spring Harvest Home. Once there, click on Playlists.

There you will find loads of videos on Worship, Teaching on tackling Anxiety, loving your neighbour, biblical reflection and lots more, Activities like Puppet Workshops, candle painting, Youth and Children Programme, Resources from Friends and Exhibitors.

Some events will be live streamed at set times (and available for a little while on Catch Up later) Others are already recorded and available to watch now.

Alternatively try the “Videos” Tab and find everything there too.

Full Programme - https://springharvest.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/1596SH-SH-Home-Programme_Final4.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0tPHHzG4z5IY6T9gzNZ05XcMASzuxeV0qNcbZVDCooyWRnsnGNnp_1E9M

Have a Blessed week.

Gill Watts

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