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Quizzing in a team

We've had a few questions about how to join together in a team for the Quiz, so I thought I'd put our suggestions on here!

If you want to quiz on Saturday with us find out how here -

You are more than welcome to do the quiz on your own, or with whoever you live with!

If you want to join a team we are suggesting you do this over WhatsApp or other type of messenger on your phone.

Or you could have them on the phone on speaker phone, during the questions part of the evening we will have everyone on mute, that means you can speak to the people in your team, in person or on the phone, without everyone else hearing you!

We would ask that you keep the team numbers around 5/6 people. There will be lots of people quizzing on their own or in pairs, so don't feel like you HAVE to team up, but the option is there if you'd like to take it!

We look forward to it - and don't forget to donate!

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1 Comment

Thoroughly enjoyed the quiz last night. Many thanks to our hosts. They did a great job. Sandra & Graham xx

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