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PASTOR JOHN – A Practical Interpretation of St. John’s Gospel (sent in by Martin Sykes)

Puzzled by John? This exciting book illuminates the Gospel in a fresh way. In Pastor John, Brian Tebbutt mines the text for gems of insight to offer a rich resource for personal discipleship, for preachers, and for training in pastoral care, by using a combination of reader response, literary criticism and insights from a psychodynamic approach to explore the first four chapters of the Gospel of John.

Through careful engagement with the biblical text, the reader (whether as an individual or as a group studying John’s Gospel together) is invited to reflect on how and why they react to the text as they do, to enable their understanding of the text and themselves to develop, fellowship to deepen, and skill in pastoral care to grow.

“Exhilarating! Refreshing! Illuminating! This book is the product of a lifetime of working with small groups and reflecting on John’s Gospel. Tebbutt has given an invaluable resource, particularly for those who are involved in pastoral care and counselling.”

-- Kenneth Cracknell, President Emeritus, Cambridge Theological Foundation

“… the author writes as a preacher, teacher, pastor, and scholar, and above all as enthusiast for the Gospel – as both canonical text and good news. Readers will profit from a work structured to enable the reader to engage existentially as well as intellectually both with the detailed scholarship presented and with the fruits of practical pastoral encounter.”

-- Clive Marsh, Principal of The Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education, Birmingham

“Brian Tebbutt … encourages his readers to engage radically with the text, through engaging with others in sharing groups, to seek self, others, and God. It is a rich mix.”

-- Jane Craske, Director of Methodist Formation, the Queen’s Foundation

“This is a book to engage with rather than merely to read. It not only lives up to its claim to cross the borders between therapy and theology, it fuses the deepest insights of both. Holistic? Yes. Demanding? Yes again. Worth it? A thousand times yes.”

-- Leslie Griffiths, Member of the House of Lords; former President, the Methodist Conference

Published by Wipf & Stock, Eugene, Oregon 2020: RRP £24.00. A competitive discount of £20.00 to include postage is available from

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