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Off the Point - Prayer

Our group consists of about 6 women that meet regularly on Zoom. The last couple of sessions we have been thinking about the Holy Habit of Prayer.

We started off thinking about prayer as the breath of God and how the name of God Yahweh could be expressed solely by the sound of our breathing in and breathing out.

Also, we remembered Paul speaking to the Romans about the Spirit and that how, when we run out of words, the Holy Spirit breathes out and prays through our groans and sighs.

This is the air I breathe

This led us to thinking about other ways in which we could pray without using words and we chatted about prayer colouring and the way in which it can clear the mind to allow God to speak.

This week we were intrigued to learn about body prayer. We thought about the way that BSL signers express prayer through their bodies and also the way in which we say our Messy Grace at Messy Church. Looking on the internet later we found some other helpful examples:

With more of us taking daily exercise at the moment we also talked about Prayer Walking and shared experiences of praying for the needs of our community whilst walking around the streets, but also when we get out into parks and the countryside and marvel at God's creation.

Another example of praying outside that is a little bit more difficult at the moment is the healing on our streets initiative.

Next Friday we will be having a round up session on Prayer and looking at the Bible passage in Luke chapter 11. Please contact Gill or Jessica if you would like a link to this meeting.

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