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Off the Point – Hybrid Style

On Friday, Off the Point had another first, we met in person and on zoom all at the same time and everyone was really amazed at how well it worked. This is how we did it. We plugged a laptop into the TV and also used an omni directional USB microphone plugged into the laptop. With the laptop in front of the TV, the camera picked up most of the room. However, we found it useful to have another camera (on another laptop, sound off and muted) to capture the whole room.

We spent the morning discussing the first of our Inclusive Church topics – Mental Health and drew inspiration from the excellent message given to us by Becca Byass on 5th September. I’m not sure we sorted everything out in one session, but one thing that I took away was that it is hard to judge when you are curious. When confronted with behaviour which we consider out of the ordinary or not quite what is expected in any given situation, if we approach that behaviour with curiosity, it diverts our judging nature down more productive thought pathways and can lead to acceptance rather than rejection.

So, while we are in this new phase of living with Covid, some will be happy sitting in a lounge with others, some will prefer to be on Zoom to either protect themselves or the group they are attending because they are mixing with lots of unvaccinated people for work. Off the Point has shown that both can be accommodated successfully going forward, and as more people want to meet face to face, to begin with we will take it in turns to attend in person.

If you are interested in joining us on a Friday morning for fellowship with other women on Zoom or in person, please leave a message below or speak to a steward at church.

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