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Messy at Home!

We've just had another GREAT messy church at home! You can see what we've been up to here, and even print out some of the colouring sheets/word searches for your selves!

Messy Pack - FEB
Download PDF • 1.94MB

Our packs are sent out to families to either enjoy in their own time, or share with us on Zoom!

During our zoom we shared in this great video:

One of our activities were these great prayer catapults where you can ping off your prayers to God. Here is Gabriel and Isabel's catapults!

Then the families were challenge to build their own prayer labyrinths... Here's some of the results!

We had a great time getting messy together and we'll be doing it all over again in March!

The team will be continuing these messy packs during my maternity leave, if you want to get involved and support please let us know!

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