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Messages from Kids Church

Each week I, Jessica, have a Zoom chat with the kids from our kids church. We've played games, talked about palm sunday and Holy week, and this week we thought about how strange it is to not be at church. They drew these pictures and messages to send to you all.

Here is a something called a consequence from Gabriel. He loves drawing these and this one is about the consequence of not going to church. Lots of bad things seem to happen, including the earth swallowing him whole! So I'm assuming that means Gabirel is missing church!

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What great drawings from the young people. It's also been lovely to hear and see some of you helping to lead worship.

We're missing you too and can't wait till we can all worship together again at Grangewood.

Especially looking forward to seeing and hearing how much you have all changed during lockdown.

God bless you all

Love from Dilys and Chris


Thanks to you all at Kids Church for such great pictures. You’ve all done a great job. We are missing you too!! Thanks to Jessica for sharing them. Looking forward to the time when we can all be back together in Church. Take care and keep safe. Martin


Gill Watts
Gill Watts
Apr 25, 2020

What great pictures. Thanks for putting so much effort into them all.


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