Martin’s “Groan a Day” Project.

When I joined the Long Eaton & District Talking Newspaper, some six years ago, at the close of one of our broadcast I was asked by the then chairman, to share a joke to round things off - confess I didn’t need much encouragement.

This “Joke telling”, to round off a broadcast has become a common place part of what we do and today 200+ listeners apparently really appreciate these attempts to amuse at the close of each broadcast.

Our Talking Newspaper readers & technicians’ reaction of suppressed groans, giggles, and guffaws of laughter, on air, are priceless.

When Lockdown began, I decided to email out a “Groan a Day” from my ever growing 250 strong joke library, in an attempt to lighten the day with a giggle or groan during these tough, sometimes depressing times.

I am most grateful for so many encouraging and positive comments and offers of more material.

Currently the “Groans” are emailed to around 500 people, worldwide.

For example, Roy, in Toronto; Larry in Taichung, Taiwan; Paul in Malta; Eric in Melbourne; Andres in Chile; Jon is Carrickmines, Dublin; Paul in Ballynahinch, Northern Ireland; Derek in Sweden; Henrick in Denmark; David in Negba, Israel; Kerstin in Friedrichshafen; the list goes on.

I missed some of our grandchildren (see above) off the emailing group early on and got told off very quickly.

Currently I’m up to Day 92 and suffice to say I will continue for as long as it takes.

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