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Lockdown Keepsake (update)

Keepsake squares Week 6

The design for this square just came to me in a flash – so I’ve had to reflect on it myself; to me the rainbow and the cross speak of hope in the midst of suffering – coronavirus/the world. The section with flowers speaks of the way we have become more aware of nature, and the one with figures reminds us that All lives matter. What does it say to you?

Rev Christine

Rainbows have symbolised many things over the centuries and they also appear in the scriptures of different faiths.

During the corona virus pandemic, rainbows became a symbol of love, hope, and togetherness. They serve to remind us that there is always hope and light even after difficult times.

Janet Crooks

Words and phrases from 2020

I have created a Word Cloud of all the phrases or words that have become everyday language during the Covid-19 pandemic. Who knew what furlough meant before this year? There have been some new phrases introduced since I completed it, for example, the ‘Rule of Six’ or ‘Hands, Face, Space’. I chose to use the world as a backdrop to reflect the virus’s global impact.

In case we forget, in years to come, here are the meanings to the abbreviations.

NHS = National Health Service

PPE = Personal Protective Equipment

PHE = Public Health England

WHO = World Health Organisation

SAGE = Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies

R Number = Reproduction Number

This square was created by Amelie Tucker who read lots of books during the Lockdown

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