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Lockdown Keepsake (update)

Grangewood Keepsake

Here are the next 4 squares:

This square was created by Ellie Tucker who found that her dog was her biggest friend throughout Lockdown

Thoughts to go with my Patchwork Square by Elizabeth Sykes

When Lockdown first started, we were still able to go out walking. We have lived in Wollaton a long time but never really had a chance to explore. We have found paths and places we never knew existed.

What was noticeable at the beginning was the quiet. There was virtually no traffic and no aeroplanes and all you could hear was the birds and the wind in the trees. You could go out and cross the roads without even looking.

As lockdown began to ease, we could go a bit further from home by car and we have been walking along the canals, in particular, the Erewash and the old Nottingham canals. My square shows just some of the things we have seen. Yes, even a snake swimming in the canal under the motorway bridge at Moorbridge Lane, Stanton Gate. We have been following families of swans and cygnets and watching them grow. Martin has become an avid nature photographer and has taken some lovely photos (all on his phone).

I have also spent a lot of time in my Craft Room and as well as the usual card making I have been learning to draw. I have knitted several shawls for church and made some masks.

We have also spent a lot of time singing and joined Gareth Malone’s Great British Home Chorus recording songs with him. We have also done recordings for our worship services. Martin has been busy keeping the Long Eaton Talking Newspaper going with the help of volunteers and having all his meetings on Zoom.

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