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Lockdown Keepsake (update)

Grangewood Keepsake

Here are the next 4 squares:

I have always found plants interesting and that evolved into a lifelong love of gardening. There is always a new challenge. At times it can be a calming occupation. During Lockdown, the under-gardener, and I had the time to work our way through the to-do list. The garden kept us at home, safe and sane.


Sheila, and Geoff

This square was designed by Camile Capon who spent a lot of time in her garden during Lockdown.

Since Lockdown Pat Smith has been unable to attend Ladies Fellowship and Wednesday Welcome at Grangewood, and ‘My Sight’ a weekly Nottingham based group for the partially sighted. To help fill long, lonely days she has been knitting glove puppets, pencil cases, hats and gloves for the T4U shoeboxes at Christmas which I have been able to complete for her.

Doreen Perry

From Norah (Tricia Henly’s Mum)

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