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Lockdown Keepsake final update!

Keepsake Squares Week 10

During the early days of lockdown we went for a walk most afternoons. It made me aware of the wild flowers and fruit that we have in this country.

We saw masses of bluebells in Wollaton Park. Later on we saw wild raspberries at Clumber Park and then recently the masses of blackberries on the briars all over the place.

There will be lots of blackberry and apple pies this year!!

Barbara Saville

My first intention was to use a hand as a basis for my thoughts but no one had a hand small enough to accommodate the given size! Hence nearly a rainbow. I have tried to convey my thoughts of the start of Lockdown and how I tried to cope wit it.

Not easy but we must do what we can.

Rex’s favourite saying was – Rise above it!

We’ll praise Him for all that is past.

And trust Him for all that’s to come.

Christine Hollingsworth


I knew what I wanted to put on my square but had no idea how to. As a healthcare professional I wanted to portray both sides of the screens that have become everyday objects during the coronavirus pandemic. Masks, screens, visors and distancing have all presented barriers. This has been more profound for people with hearing and speech difficulties. The professional strives to overcome these barriers to empathy and communication. The person receiving care is anxious and also has the same concerns to overcome. Both are worried about catching the virus in their setting or far worse, passing it on.

I designed this square before the wearing of masks became mandatory for non-healthcare professionals, but it also shows that some have face mask exemptions. I have chosen the skin colour to represent inclusivity and the rainbow across the screen as a symbol of hope overarching both sides.

The square also recognises those difficult scenarios where people have only had contact through windows, for example, in care home settings and visits to elderly friends and family.

Sue Bond

During the past few weeks, Jocelyn and I have spent much time viewing ‘nature’ from her garden, back and front. We have watched as Spring moved into Summer and Summer turned into Autumn.

We watched the clouds sailing by and talked about their different shapes, the trees, how different they were as the seasons progressed.

There were flowers, many colours, birds, insects and squirrels. AND PIGEONS. So much to see. So much to think about!

Through all the changing scenes of life,

In trouble and in joy!

Written by Christine Hollingsworth and Jocelyn Rose, stitched by Jocelyn

This square was created on card and speaks for itself. It has been photo’d and printed onto fabric for inclusion in the keepsake.

Jean Appleby

A HUGE thank you to Sue Bond for organising this and getting it all together, and sharing with us the different squares each week. We can't wait to see it all together!

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