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Light hearted moments of Lockdown 2020 - Buntie

Can we all remember the day Lockdown was announced ? The 23rd March and how our daily lives were going to change for ever. Days now merge into each other, we forget which day it is, along with the date, and the weeks fly by. Yes the ever depressing news of fatalities rising each day, empty food shelves from panic buying with NHS workers in tears, families and friends torn apart from each other, the passing of loved ones, job losses, financial ruin, home schooling for thousands of parents, mums and dads working from home and the huge cost of mental fatigue and anguish. But there have been positives through all this which rarely get televised or spoken about. These are some of mine.

Along with most people I had heard of Zoom but wasn’t very au fait with it until fairly recently. No computer club when you want one! Trial and error ensued, but now it’s lovely to see family and friends, and see how much we all need hair cuts! One of my grandchildren, aged seven, rushed in to see his working-from-home dad shouting, ‘Daddy, daddy, I’ve caught a crayfish in the stream’ much to the amusement of his colleagues to whom he was talking on his conference call!

The joy of FaceTime and Skype to family across the seas.

Clapping, ringing bells, whistles even fireworks every Thursday evening for all NHS workers, and also for all care and social workers, bin men, postmen, teachers, delivery people, whom we all take for granted. Not any more.

The joy on the faces of the thousands of people worldwide who have had Coronavirus spending weeks in hospital, who have survived to tell the tale and are now reunited with their families.

People growing vegetables for the first time and seeing their results bearing fruit.

A time to reflect and take stock of the busy life styles that we had, that have suddenly stopped, and ponder what the ‘new normal’ will be in the coming months.

Going for a walk with my dog in the early days when it was eeriely quiet, when sometimes I didn’t see anyone, taking photos of empty streets, with only the noise of the birds. Pets find it strange that their household is with them all the time, instead of having some time on their own; they like humans need their space.

No cars, lorries, trains, planes, and the sound of a distant church clock chiming, and the sound of children laughing in their gardens. Cleaner air, clearer skies and no petrol fumes. Clear night skies as well.

People smiling and being more respectful of each other.

When was the last time you filled the car up with fuel ?

Lack of chewing gum on pavements.

Colourful rainbows of all sizes in front rooms across the country, signalling hope for us all.

People learning new languages, new skills and being suitably impressed with their efforts

New words and phrases we’re becoming used to hearing : social distance(ing), self- isolating, pandemic, lockdown, face masks, wash your hands, furlough, PPE, the R number, stay safe.

Restaurateurs who are making meals for the NHS and people living on their own and others in their communities, whilst trying to keep their own businesses afloat.

And who can forget Captain (Colonel) Tom Moore and soon to be Sir, and his wonderful raising of over £30,000,000 for the NHS walking laps in his daughter’s garden before his 100th birthday? A truly uplifting and inspiring story which bought a smile and cheer to everyone.

Many of us have become bakers, but trying to find flour has been somewhat challenging to buy at times! I bake for my neighbours who are both doctors in two different hospitals and although, I’ll never be a Mary Berry, their colleagues enjoy my weekly bake and it gives me something to focus on. No soggy bottoms as yet !

Who would imagine that the highlight of the week would be a delivery from Ocado, or Tesco?

Parcels arriving from Amazon which you had forgotten you had ordered weeks ago?

I’ve got a dental appointment in October and for the first time in my life I’m actually looking forward to attending! How sad is that?

The lifeline of a telephone that has kept many people on their own in touch, and we can guarantee that when we make that call, it will be answered promptly.

I’ve taught myself card tricks for the grandchildren to wonder at, learning to play the ukulele, gardening, generally being busy but most of all grateful that my family and friends are well.

The uplifting speeches the Queen gave to the nation, first on VE Day, never give up, never despair, and then in her Coronavirus speech, we will be with our families again, we will be with our friends again, we will meet again.

Let’s all keep looking for the positives during these challenging times of which there will be many.


Thank you Buntie for sharing! Inspired?Why not send in your own lockdown light moments to share on the blog!

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