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Kids Church Task Master challenge!

This Sunday morning our kids were set a task master challenge! They had 15 minutes to go out into their gardens and collect as much nature as they could find (without picking anything out of the ground they shouldn't be!) They were then told the second half of their challenge. They had 20 minutes to create a 'scene' from the bible, that the rest of us had to guess what it was!

Here are a few of their nature bible scenes!

Natasha and Jessica chose the Garden of Eden. Here's Adam, just before Eve was made!

Eleanor also chose the Creation story from Genesis, with an Adam and Eve!

And here's Isabel's Joseph down the well!

Why not have a go at the challenge yourself and send in your photos!

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1 Comment

What brilliant and creative young people we have at Grangewood. Thanks for sharing their efforts. Well done.

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