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Kids Church - Creation Poems

Kids church has just started a new series all about the Bible. We're thinking about what the bible means to us as Christians, how we understand it and read it, and even more tricky, interpret it!

In our first session we played a memory game where the kids managed to remember 33 books of the bible between them! I wonder how many books you could remember without cheating!!!

This week we started at the very beginning, Genesis and the Creation story.

We talked about how the bible is made up of lots of different types of writing (literature) and that the creation story is like a poem.

So we heard this poem

And then we wrote our own creation poems!

Here are a few of them...

From Isabel R


God made an explosion,

At least there was no commotion,

Then he created the inside of the world

But it isn’t swirled.

Then he created two people,

But there was no Mary Seacole,

It was all lovely with nature,

The world looked greater.

The creatures roamed around,

Loads of them were found,

They ate different foods,

I hope they were in a good mood.

The grass was emerald green,

Everyone was very keen,

I hope my poem you enjoyed,

But don’t be annoyed.

An Acrostic Poem from Elanor G



Excited Announced Tremendous Inspiring Ours New

A Haiku from Gabriel R

A poem from Jessica and Natasha

A poem from Camille

Thank you to our wonderful young people for sharing their work with us!

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Loved the Kids Church Creation Poems. Well done to you all. Martin

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