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Keepsake (update)

Here are 4 more squares. The first one is from Morag Walder.

At the beginning of the year some of the members of Grangewood Art and Craft group started knitting prayer shawls and throughout lockdown, myself and others have continued knitting them. Over the weeks these shawls have been given to many different people. They were a reminder to the recipient that although we could not physically be with them, they were held in the love and prayers of the people at Grangewood Methodist Church.

The square I have made is knitted to a pattern of three as are the prayer shawls. It is made with the wool from some of the prayer shawls knitted over the last few months.

I am a novice knitter but found knitting the shawls very therapeutic over the lockdown time.

Knitting the prayer shawls focussed my thoughts and prayers and once again I was reminded that however difficult life is each of us is enveloped in the warmth of God’s love.

Liz Rowe

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