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Inspiration for the Grangewood Lockdown 2020 Keepsake

At the beginning of Lockdown (March 2020) a friend, who is a midwife in Yorkshire, mentioned that she and her colleagues were making a quilt of 9 squares. Each square would be their interpretation of how Lockdown affected them. I thought that I could possibly co-ordinate such a project with

Grangewood. Having discussed it with Rev Christine Fox and getting approval from the stewards I invited as many as possible to take part. I have been overwhelmed and utterly amazed by the response. Thank you to everyone! For those that have not created a square I thank you for your encouragement,

support, and prayers. It has been a lovely bonus to have contact with you when I would not have normally.

During Lockdown 2020 it was difficult to obtain supplies so being resourceful was important. Finding materials that were in the house to create the squares meant using old T-shirts, craft materials around the house, cameras for photos, old bedding, and buttons. I appreciate that the creation of the squares has

been therapeutic for many during the long, often lonely, months. Although Lockdown restrictions were somewhat relaxed as we headed into Autumn 2020 life still was not what we had all enjoyed before the effects of Covid-19 took a grip on all of us across the world. None of us would have envisaged a return to Lockdown in January 2021 after a surge in new cases, mostly due to a new variant of the virus. As I compile this scrapbook in March 2021 this Lockdown is starting to be released and the arrival of the vaccines has heralded optimism

for the coming months.

I would like to thank Lorna Waine who kindly lent me her cross-stitch pattern of the Grangewood cross.

The squares have been joined together to create this hanging. While I worked with each square, I was able to think about the person and families of the creators and pray for their health and wellbeing. There is a top section incorporating rainbow colours. The rainbow became a powerful symbol of hope during the long months of the 2020 Lockdown.

Sue Bond

March 2021

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