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In the beginning...

In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth. Then he made Adam and Eve.

When Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden, God made sure they would survive in the wild. They didn’t know God put special immune systems in them beforehand so they would survive all kinds of deceases. Such was the love of God. Amazing after care.

The worst pandemic so far was the so called Spanish Flu, which actually came from America, and killed an estimated 100 million people globally. However, this unimaginably large number is only about 5% of the world population at that time. Thanks to God’s handiwork, the majority of mankind survived and the decease was gone forever as it had no more effect on us. We are all survivors of that pandemic, and witnesses of Gods protection.

How wonderful is God’s creation.

This is the song I taught my kids when I was their Youth Club Leader :

Take care and stay healthy,


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