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Humour and Thoughts

I wrote the following two days ago, and shared it at my BBCC group (British Born Chinese Christians). There is a lot of doom and gloom at present, and people are on edge. I remember years ago someone said that God has a sense of humour - just look at some of the funny looking animals He created.

I wrote the following poem, not to mock, but as a relief of the current situation. I hope you would enjoy it, and won't be offended.

Our store manager in Sainsburys,

Holly is her name,

Her deliveries came, but they were gone,

in Nottingham as in London.

Give us today our daily toilet rolls.

Forgive us our hoardings as we forgive those who hoard against us.

Lead us,

not into temptation to buy even more toilet rolls.

For the king prawns, the curry powder and the gravy

For never and ever hoarding again


One a serious note: We are now going through tough times, probably the toughest in our life time and there's no running away from them. There are trials and temptations, and we should uphold and stand up to our Christian principles and values.

The Lords prayer said : Let God lead us. Let us fight against temptation.

Can we each have a brainstorm in what ways Jesus can lead us, and what temptations we should over come? I can think of a few, and if you like, we can brainstorm as a group.

Sover Wong

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I can still member when someone said God has a sense of humour - just look at some of the funny looking animals He created. I look forward to having a good laugh with Jesus one day.


Mar 22, 2020

Thank you Sover, it's so essential to keep a sense of humour.


I actually started this poem at Grangewood last Sunday, after I shared that Jesus won't turn us away even if we are unclean, without toilet rolls.

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