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Holy Week Reflections - Day 1

Updated: Apr 9, 2020


These striking pictures by Ethiopian artist Nebiyu Assefa tell the story of Jesus’ Passion in a bold and colourful way, and we offer them as a resource to help people of all ages engage with Jesus’ journey to the cross and beyond. With each picture is its related Bible reference, prompts to help you study the picture, a meditation or reflection, and suggestions for prayer.

Do as I have done

Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. Based on John 13.1-15

Look Jesus washes his disciples’ feet to show them that no one is more important than anyone else.

Reflect Are you prepared to be the least important person, or do you always want to be best? How will you show others that you love them as Jesus loves you?

Pray for those who feel that they have no voice or standing in society; that you will have the opportunity to show love and respect to others; that those with power and authority will use it to bring justice and peace. Thank God for showing us how to treat one another

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