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Grangewood needs you!

Would you be interested in a job which offers enormous pay cheques, company car, designer uniform and only required you to be at work for an average of two hours a week, arranged to suit you? Unfortunately, we can’t offer most of the above!! Please don’t stop reading here.

We can offer an average 2 hours a week! Plus the opportunity to meet interesting people and make new friends, whilst working as part of a supportive team. The hours are flexible and can mostly be arranged around your other commitments. We already have some who work, some who are retired, some who are parents of young children and some who now have grandparent duties. Some who have done the work before and some who only recently joined us.

The work of a church steward is interesting, not too difficult and the team support each other both in learning the role and making the most of individual skills and abilities. They include: Opening up and preparing the church for services (including finding readers) and supporting the preacher. (We work in two’s and usually are ‘on duty’ 5 weeks out of each quarter). Attending Stewards meetings approximately every 6/8 weeks (where we plan special services and events e.g. Christmas, Easter, Harvest etc). Attend Church Council 3 times a year (where you will help make decisions on the general ‘running of the church’). If you aren’t able to attend any of these then cover will be found.

If you are a church member, please consider whether you could join the team. If you think you might be interested, please speak to Dilys 0115 875 1908 or one of the other stewards asap. You will not be pushed into joining if you decide that it’s not for you, but you will be welcomed with open arms if you feel that it is.

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