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Grangewood - ECO Church?

Sir David Attenborough has made an appeal to us all in a bid to save our planet as he fears he 'hasn't many years left'. The 94-year-old has been a climate change activist for decades and he has spoken out about the current threat to the environment and what we can do to reverse the situation we are currently in.

His words and actions are in reality, a wake-up call for all of us to make a difference, before it’s too late.

ECO CHURCH is a charity that is striving to challenge Christians everywhere to make a difference by expressing their love for God's creation in management of buildings and land, community and global engagement, lifestyle, worship, and teaching.

This is a brilliant project that helps to bring our worship to life in everyday ways.

Together we can look after God’s kingdom and leave a better world for generations to come.

Grangewood has embraced the ethos of ECO CHURCH and has already achieved the Bronze Award.

A small handful of our folk are committed to doing what they can to “make a difference” to the environmental issues affecting our church and our lives.

This team is planning to explore what we need to do as a church to improve our ECO Status and achieve Silver or even Gold for our Church, and thus encourage us all to look after God’s kingdom and leave a better world for generations to come.

The vision of ECO CHURCH is to have at least 4,000 churches become Eco Churches in ten years across England and Wales.

If we all embrace that vision, we can help turn that vision into reality, which will have a remarkable impact on our lives, our church and ultimately our planet.

We have five action groups, each looking at what we have achieved so far in management of our building and land, our community and our global leadership, lifestyle, worship, and teaching.

Please contact Martin Sykes on 07970 914930 or email him on to get involved to help make a difference.

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