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Creating a 2020 Grangewood keepsake

The lockdown, because of the coronavirus pandemic, has changed so many things at home and at church.

I would like us to create a keepsake of this period in the form of a patchwork type collage of squares. These will be surrounded by a border comprising the colours of the rainbow as this is such a powerful symbol of hope during these difficult times. It will be a way to look forward to better times ahead.

So, it’s over to you!

I want everyone of all ages, who uses the church buildings, to have the opportunity to contribute. Please use whatever materials you have available to you at home. If you have an idea for a square but have no materials and cannot think of a way to create it perhaps you could sponsor a square so someone else can create it on your behalf. I imagine the completed patchwork will not be finished for several months so just let your mind mull over it and allow something to pop into your head. Seek inspiration through prayer.

It could be that a prayer, a candle, a hymn, a piece of music or a bible verse has meant something to you or it could be a book you have read or a photo you have taken. I know a lot of people have been enjoying their gardens or walks (if they are able to get out) so it may be that wildlife or flowers have become important memories. Your idea may evolve from the phrase ‘worship at home’. The ideas are endless, but I want every one of every age, to be able to contribute.


1. Decide on a theme for your square.

2. Choose your material. Something that is not too flimsy or stretchy is recommended, though you can back it with lining to make it stronger.

3. The squares need to be 17.5cm each side with a design square of 15.0cm each side placed centrally within it. This will create the borders needed when the final patchwork is assembled. If your square is knitted or similar, ensure the design is within the central square that will be displayed.

4. You can decorate your square however you wish. You can draw, felt, print, crochet, stitch, knit, a collage from magazines, decorate with buttons, whatever you feel comfortable with. It is your contribution, so do as you feel able. There are also options to print photos or graphic designs on to fabric. I believe I can obtain suitable fabric if that is something you would prefer to do.

5. Take some time to write what inspired you to create your square and ensure you say who you are. I hope to put these into a scrapbook to keep alongside the patchwork.

6. Send your creation to me or let me know when it is ready and I’ll collect it from you. This will obviously be done whilst observing social distancing.

If anyone wants to contact me, my email is the preferable option, but my mobile phone number is below if needed. As I cannot answer my phone at work and do not know my shift pattern from week to week, phoning in the evenings (8-9pm) is preferable.

I envisage putting the squares together during late summer/autumn so you have plenty of time.

Although we are apart, we can create this together.

Stay safe and enjoy making your square(s).

With best wishes and prayers

Sue Bond


Mobile: 0771 449 3039

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