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On 20th December at 4pm we will be having our annual Christingle, but like everything this year, it's a little different!

We will be hosting a Christingle Zoom for all ages, and we would love for you to join us!

For the Christingle you will need an Orange, a candle, a red ribbon, 4 cocktail sticks and some raisins and some sweets! Now you can source all of these things yourself, or you can sign up to collect a pack from Grangewood Methodist Church!

If you are sourcing your own Christingle gear, you can still let us know you will be attending using the sign up sheet, this will help us know who to send the zoom link to. AND if you can't attend on zoom but would still like to join in with our Christingle you can sign up to get a pack with some extra information how to do it at home on your own, again you can use this link to sign up!

For more details contact:

Jessica Bullet, Liz Rowe or Dilys Oldham.

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