Christian Aid : What we can do

The camera panned over a field, a dry arid field. A wind blew up a cloud of dust on this brown parched landscape. Such was the scene from a film set in Africa. A drought had caused crop failure, food shortages, and families struggling to survive. The film drew one into the reality of this desperate situation for the people, the families. It was not easy to watch.

This was a film - a story set in a distant place - so easy to become detached.

This was a film - only it was based on real events. It was the story of a boy and his family, a drama film based on the boy’s memoir. It was the account of their experience of drought, crop failure, food shortage, desperation, perseverance and integrity (and what happened next).

It is also the story of many families today, and climate change is making this an increasing reality.

The climate crisis carries serious consequences for all of us. It is not on the horizon, it is here!

It requires our response in how we live and how we give.

Christian Aid provides us with the opportunity to help others in countries where the impact of climate change is causing significant problems. So in Christian Aid week what can we do?