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Christian Aid Week - Do something crazy with Messy Jessy

At our Messy church at home at the beginning of this month I challenged people to do something crazy for Christian Aid. I know you cannot challenge people to do these things without doing something yourself!

At the start of May the furthest I’d ever run was 11km. So far this month I’ve ran 90km with my longest run being a half marathon. Yesterday Michael joked that I should try and do a marathon over 3 days and I said ‘that’ll never happen’....

And then I remembered I needed to do something crazy for Christian Aid....

So... I’ve got just under 15km to run tomorrow and then it will have happened!

So at some point tomorrow I will be putting my running shoes back on to do the last 14.4km!

If you've not had chance to donate to Christian Aid yet, please do use this opportunity to support this amazing charity and encourage me through tomorrow's run!

And don't forget to join our Quiz this evening, details here -

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