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Ascension Reflection

The ascension of Jesus

1. When I think of the ascension,

many questions come to mind.

“What” and “How” grab my attention,

but “Why” is what I need to find.

2. He was taken into heaven,

a cloud took him up out of their sight.

That he's gone is a given,

but the description's just seem trite.

3. Let's put aside the question “how,”

and think about the question “why.”

I think I see some answers now,

and may explain them, if I try

4. Jesus came to earth from heaven,

and here fulfilled the Fathers plan.

Then crucified and arisen

He returned God, and risen man

5. Jesus promised He would prepare

a place for all who know his love.

He went ahead and so is there,

all is prepared for when we move.

6. Jesus promised that when He went,

the advocate would come to each

of his followers, called and sent

His gospel to both live and preach

7. His spirit remains until this day,

to be our advocate and guide.

Teaching us what we think and say,

when we will keep Him by our side

8. Jesus said he will come again,

“Look He is coming with the clouds,”

Juggling with this gives me pain

in my head, and so I shout aloud



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