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A poem for lent

With acknowledgment to the late Geoffrey Studdert Kennedy.

1. When Jesus came to Golgotha,

They hanged him on a tree.

They drove great nails through hands and feet,

and made a Calvary.

They crowned Him with a crown of thorns,

red were his wounds and deep.

For those were crude and cruel days

and human flesh was cheap.

2. When Jesus comes to us today,

we would not cause Him pain.

We ask to follow all He taught,

but then we sin again.

We know that when we turn from Him,

our actions piece His heart.

If only we could take a stand,

temptation will depart.

3. Still, Jesus says, “Forgive them”.

(though we know just what we do).

He reaches out in grace and love,

and heals us through and through.

We’ve known again, the shame of sin,

but also, our sins forgiven;

His spirit comes and fills our lives,

and we know His fruits are given.

4. The fruits include love, joy, peace,

against which there is no law,

and all who have them in their lives,

will know, and know for sure,

the Grace of God that shines through them,

to those in need of peace.

So, keep your focus on the Lord,

let him shine through like a gem.


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